Pitt of the past is plenty pretty: Stargazing

It’s rare that a movie sells me on the basis of a good wig alone, but darned if Quentin Tarantino isn’t pulling it off … or someone is, presumably, once Brad Pitt is done filming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood each day, and doesn’t want to strut around looking like the Love God of 1969 on his off hours.

Pitt looks right — not seen in these photos, co-star Leonardo DiCaprio looking one-tenth as cool — and this might be his most memorable performance since he played the role of “Nice Man With Correct Views, Apparently From the Future” in 12 Years A Slave.

Recipe for Brad Pitt’s 1969 ’do for his newTarantino flick: 80% Kurt Russell in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, 20% Malibu Ken.
Recipe for Brad Pitt’s 1969 ’do for his newTarantino flick: 80% Kurt Russell in The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, 20% Malibu Ken.  (GICA / backgrid photo)

Justin Bieber gives some cash to a hard-luck case on the off chance it’s his old collaborator Sean Kingston. (Backgrid photo)

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Fantastic Beasts’ Ezra Miller, seen with Jude Law and Callum Turner, always commits to a job. even if the job is “making sure they never ask you to promote a film again.” (Getty Images)

We’ve all been there, Cher: you feel something going wrong in there, just days after the warranty on your current face expired. (Backgrid)

The show producers of The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold patiently explain one more time that despite the title, and no matter how disturbing the Trump tapes they find might be, they solemnly promise that Tom Arnold won’t be in them. (Invision/AP)

Hats off to you, guy who fought to the front of the Mission Impossible red-carpet barriers in a Superman shirt just to look blasé and smug when Tom Cruise showed up. You’re right to feel above it all, as we’re sure you’re bound for great, great things. (Getty Images)

This week in attention seeking: Halsey hits the Teen Titans movie premiere in those rude zipper-goes-around-back jeans, to sear her image into the minds of some dads just trying to take the kids to a cartoon. Not to be outdone, Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart shows off her flexibility by casually breaking her own neck. (Invision/AP/Getty)

For the first time, I’m actually hoping that Quentin Tarantino is acting in his upcoming movie. Because if he isn’t, there is no explaining this look. (Backgrid)


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